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Discover Sweden by motorcycle

Cruise many small roads that are fun to drive.
Stop at small hotels, enjoy some delicious food and sleep in comfortable beds.
Petit Hotel offers you many pleasant stops along the road through Sweden. Take advantage of our offers here.

Motorcycle tour 1

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Motorcycle tour 2

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Motorcycle tour 3

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Nordic Hideways

A wonderful journey in south Sweden to true hideways, not easy to find on your own.
But found and experienced they will give you unforgettable nice memories.

Make your booking easy directly to the hotels or for the whole trip via Ring hotels.

You can collect or use points/Rings at all Petit Hotels.

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Germany: Enjoy the true pleasures of home

At Ringhotels home means more than just a location or a legacy: here home means the bond between the people and the place, the character and identity of each individual establishment, and a sense of being rooted within the region.

With our pleasures of home package, you will experience your hosts’ home and region in a natural flow, from the moment of your arrival right through the duration of your stay.

Denmark: With knife and fork

Right from the beginning of time, an inn was not only a place to spend the night, but also a place where you could have a meal. Moreover, the inn keeper had the monopoly on producing beer and aquavit.

The fine culinary traditions are still the hallmark of the Small Danish Hotels. Some have specialized in the good nourishing Danish cuisine, whereas in other places the chefs have chosen to focus on really great gourmet experiences inspired by the Nordic cuisine, France, Italy and other places on the map.

Gourmet experiences in Small Danish Hotels

You do not need to search for long to find an inn, a hotel, a castle or a manor houses which will take great pleasure in giving the guests an outstanding culinary experience.

You only need to experience one of the many gourmet stays which the members of the Small Danish Hotels offer. Often you can have a 5- or 6-course gourmet dinner, and usually the skilled wine waiters of the restaurants have composed exactly the wine menus which suit the different courses very well.

Denmark: Experience the summer in Denmark

A summer holiday in Small Danish Hotels nearly 100 inns, hotels, castles and manors is one of the very best ways to experience the summer in Denmark. No matter whether you wish to go to North Jutland, the West Coast, Funen, North Zealand, Falster or somewhere else, whether you choose to visit LEGOLAND® or Tivoli, whether you wish to enjoy the summer in peace and quiet far out in the wood or whether you would rather paddle in the blue waves.

The great thing about a summer holiday in Denmark is that, in all circumstances, you are never more than 50 km away from the sea – and there is plenty of it, as Denmark has a total of 7,300 km of coast line. All over the country, there is a lot of beautiful nature which you can visit and rejoice in – and it is for free. The most exiting nature areas will become or have already been selected as national parks. The three first national parks are Thy, Mols Bjerge and the Wadden Sea.

Bring the children along

Do not hesitate to bring the children along on a summer holiday in Denmark, as there absolutely no risk that they will get bored. There are lots of museums which have fine and instructive offers for the children, and there are also lots of zoos, amusement parks and other attractions which the kids will love to visit – and which it can be difficult to make them leave again. To mention a few: the amusement parks Fårup Sommerland, Djurs Sommeland, BonBonLand, the ZOO, Knuthenborg Park & Safari and Givskud Zoo.
Several of the members of Small Danish Hotels have special summer holiday offers which include for instance overnight stay, breakfast, dinner and admission tickets for near-by attractions.

Austria: Back to the (beet)roots!

The countryside is Naturidyll’s home. The region in which the hotels are based is not just a beautiful backdrop, but also an important supplier of certified quality products from local farmers. Therefore Naturidyll Hotels always try to find new partners in order to push their philosophy. Regional culinary delights on the breakfast buffet, just like a Naturidyll holiday – individual, authentic and pure!

Austria: Active Break

A Naturidyll holiday is a refuge for everyone who wants to escape the stresses and strains of daily life by getting out into fresh air. If a view is not enough, experience the meadows, woods and mountains at first hand. Indulge in a little Naturidyll, especially in winter! Be active outdoors at hotels situated in the most beautiful settings for your winter holidays. . Advent concerts at Christmas markets, a romantic ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, a winter walk with lantern, grilled apples and mulled wine – Naturidyll Hotels add that personal note and welcome you back after an exciting day out and about.

Austria: Savour Natural Delights

A Naturidyll setting within some of Austria’s most fantastic natural scenery is not just a place to refresh the mind, it is also a place to refresh the body. Almost all hotels offer in-house health spas, beauty treatments and massages. The culinary delicacies come from local producers and breakfast buffets include a wide variety of regional products. Have a lie-in and enjoy breakfast in bed, sample a glass of wine, or dine outdoors beside a moonlit Austrian lake for something truly special.

Austria: Family-friendly and on silent paws

At Naturidyll Hotels, time is family-time. They offer spacious apartments, as well as baby sitting and special leisure activities for children and parents. Some hotels have a play area with a fabulous range of equipment in the garden. Most hotels accept dogs, offering treatments and giving tips on the best places for “walkies”.

Austria: The Naturidyll Holidays

– individual, authentic and pure.

Kick back and relax. Stop dreaming and start living. Make the most of outdoor activities and the chance to breathe clean, fresh air on your Naturidyll holiday in Austria and South Tyrol. Spend time together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Austria: Sustainable Tourism

Austria is at the forefront of ecologically-sound holidays – with Naturidyll at the very pinnacle of what the country has to offer. We respect nature and work tirelessly to preserve the harmony between man and his surroundings. And we don’t just try, we promise sustainable tourism development through our efforts in obtaining the Austrian Ecolabel. We want to save our wonderful, beautiful surroundings for generations to come.

In Austria it sometimes seems that we have failed to push our green credentials – simply because caring for the environment and using local produce has been a way of life for so long that we forget!

Germany: Champagne Dreams

A special package ideal for a short break on your own, with a partner or with a group of friends: The offers include two overnight stays on a half-board basis, of which one dinner will be a fine-dining meal, as well as one special extra. And to top it off,  guests are offered a sparkling welcome from Ruinart, the world’s most traditional makers of fine Champagne.

Germany: Round trips & packages

Often it is actually the road which makes the journey. A trip through a blooming meadow or a chance encounter – these are the special moments which one recalls long after the vacation has ended. During our 9 round trips your hosts warmly invite you to experience the cultural and natural beauty of their “homeland” districts, as well as the tempting regional cuisine.

If you want to discover the region of your favourite Ringhotel from a fixed location, just check our packages.